Streamlining Your Video Post Production Workflow: Key Tips to Minimize Costs and Maximize Results

May 2, 2023

How can your production crew improve video post production editing workflow? 

  1. Camera Matching: The crews should use the same model of camera whenever possible. Different camera models have a different color science and will need to be “matched” in post.
  2. Camera Settings: The crew should make sure that all cameras have the same frame rate, codec, resolution, aspect ratio, and color settings.
  3. Microphone Matching: The crews should use the same microphone models whenever possible. Different microphone models have different acoustic qualities and may need to be “matched” in post.
  4. Audio Sample Rate: Attention to the settings of the cameras and audio devices are required to ensure the audio sample rate remains consistent across devices on the entire project.
  5. Timecode: The crew should ensure that all cameras and audio devices are using the same timecode.
  6. Lighting: The lighting should be consistent and match the overall visual style of the project.
  7. Framing: Framing should be consistent, except for creative purposes.
  8. Labeling: All cards, drives, and files should be labelled properly with clear and consistent naming conventions.
  9. Communication: The crew should have open communication to discuss and resolve any technical or creative issues during production.

By synchronizing these elements, the video post production editor will have a smoother and more efficient workflow, reducing the chances of frustration or delays, and ultimately reducing cost.

Studiobox takes all of these variables out of the equation. Our Remote Video Production Kit from Studiobox is designed to use the same equipment, set to the same settings, under the same person’s control, thereby removing the need to coordinate crews with all of these complex elements of a shoot.