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Answers to some of the most common questions we receive about
how we operate remote video production for companies around the globe.

What is Studiobox and what is Studiocloud?

a. Studiobox is an all-in-one filming solution, with professional level cameras, lights and microphones packed into a shippable box. It can be setup like a giant laptop and remotely controlled over the internet with our Studiocloud software.

b. Studiocloud is our video production operating system. It is a web-based interface. It allows crews and stakeholders to remotely collaborate and control professional equipment connected to a computer from anywhere in the world. It provides realtime audio and video feeds from that equipment and places all their settings onto an easy to use dashboard. At launch, Studiocloud can control Studioboxes, but as we add additional hardware capabilities we’ll release it standalone so anyone can control any equipment connected to a computer.

How can I get started with Studiobox?

If you are ready to jump in, select a payment plan from a Customer Success Manager will reach out to you for next steps within 48 hours. Once you’ve created an account in Studiocloud, you can connect a Studiobox to your account and begin controlling it remotely using our web-based interface. If you need some more info about our solutions, pricing, or have any questions, book a call with our team

How does Studiocloud work?

Studiocloud answers the question, how do we bring the on set experience online. It's provides collaboration tools between crew members and executives and remote equipment control to lights, cameras and microphones over the cloud. A desktop app recognizes and connects to devices connected to a computer and a cloud server gives a user access to the controls and feeds from those devices.

What kind of video equipment can you control using Studiocloud?

Studioboxes include a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K Camera, a Kessler Second Shooter Pro pan and tilt, bi-color cinema LED lights, 4 audio inputs including a wired Sanken lavalier and Senneheiser shotgun mic, 2 audio outputs and a motorized camera lift. We’re adding additional hardware control capabilities as fast as we can so that you can control your own gear. Stay tuned for hardware integrations with Sony, Panasonic, Cannon, and a wide range of lighting, audio interfaces and other accessories.

How secure is Studiocloud?

Studiocloud is designed with security in mind and uses industry-standard encryption and authentication protocols to protect user data. We encrypt all communication protocols at-rest and in-transit using 256-Bit encryption keys. Enterprise clients can also set up custom security settings to further secure their equipment, deploy on premises, or in private clouds.

Can multiple users access and control the same video equipment simultaneously?

Yes, Studiocloud allows multiple users to access and control the same video equipment simultaneously. This is particularly useful for companies with remote teams or locations that need to work together on a shoot. You can even control multiple Studioboxes or additional cameras connected to a single Studiobox simultaneously.

Do I need internet to control a Studiobox?

Yes, Studiobox communicates with Studiocloud through an internet connection. We recommend at least 5mps upload and download speed for viewing high resolution camera feeds, but you will be able to trigger 4K local recording with slower internet and the local recordings are not effected by slow internet. Users should ensure that their connection is fast and reliable to avoid any potential issues. Have questions? Contact our Sales team.

How does Studiobox help companies save time and money?

The most expensive and time consuming elements of production are moving people and gear and setting up and breaking down. Studiobox enables companies to control their video equipment remotely, which reduces the need for on-site visits, travel, and the overall size of your crew. Studioboxes can be shipped anywhere in the world instead of sending a crew and setup in minutes, not hours. Studiocloud puts all controls on a single dashboard, allowing one person to run lights, cameras and audio and makes it easier to collaborate with stakeholders in different locations. The entire system lets companies streamline their production shoots in house rather than needing to call on 3rd party production companies, drastically cutting cost and time spent.

Can Studiobox be used for live streaming?

Yes, Studiobox can be used for live streaming. Studiocloud provides users with all of the tools they need to set up and control a live stream, including equipment controls, switcher control, and recording capabilities.

Do I need to hire my own crew to run shoots or do you have video experts for hire?

We built Studiocloud to put the power of our remote solutions in your hands. It's an intuitive interface that anyone with basic camera knowledge can use to create cinema quality content from anywhere. If you would like us to run the shoot for you, book a call with our production company to learn more about what they can do!

When will Studiocloud be available?

Studiocloud will be launching soon.  We'll start with a closed beta, letting in some users every week. After signing up, you won’t get charged until you get access.