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Remote Video Production for Course Creation | MasterClass

Create high-quality educational videos without breaking the bank! Our Remote Video Production Kit reduces crew size and setup time.

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May 3, 2023

The whole experience exceeded our expectations. So much so, that our internal stakeholders couldn't even tell that it wasn't a typical production with a full crew.

Megan Parlen, Director of Content



Remote Video Production Kit Can Be A Game-Changer

Our remote video production kit can be a game-changer for a project. Our video production studio-in-a-box arrives at location ready to go, drastically reducing crew size and setup time for shoots. A single box requires zero knowledge to set up; just power it on and we do the rest. And in instances when a shoot calls for more production support – like a B-camera, more lights, or grip & electric gear – Studiobox can execute with the help of a single person on site (albeit a single person who’s good at taking direction!).


MasterClass was one of the first companies to ask about our remote video solutions. In fact, they helped inspire the idea for Studiobox in April 2020 when they asked for a solution that would allow them to keep shooting without the need for crews on set. A year later, Studiobox was a full-fledged company and MasterClass was back, seeking to test the capabilities of what we’d devised. It was a valuable opportunity to showcase what we had been working on and how closely we believed our boxes could match the video and audio quality of their regular, large footprint shoots.


Working hand in hand with MasterClass, their creative and production teams ran the shoot, while we acted as the camera, audio, lighting, and IT departments. We deployed a single production assistant (shout out to the talented Alec West) for the shoot, who arrived on location with two Studioboxes remote video production kit, a prime lens kit, a 3-point lighting kit, a boom pole and boom stand, and some additional stands and light G&E.

During our setup day – with the Studiobox cinematographer working from home and the MasterClass team in various remote locations – all parties collaborated to establish the set design and dial in lighting and audio.

The day following, we’re proud to say the shoot ran seamlessly and talent was able to have an intimate one-on-one conversation with the interviewer, just as on a typical MasterClass set, only they didn’t have to be in the same room or even the same city. Same goes for the director, cinematographer, the producers, and the crew.

We think the side by side with a typical MasterClass shoot speaks for itself:

Creating high-quality video can be expensive, but with the right equipment and support you can produce a MasterClass level video on a much smaller budget.

Metrics & Feedback

"We hired Studiobox to execute a remote shoot with almost no human bodies on the ground aside from a PA and the on-camera talent. We were blown away by what they were able to produce. From the quality of the equipment to the technological expertise of the Studiobox team to the creative direction, the whole experience exceeded our expectations. So much so, that our internal stakeholders couldn't even tell that it wasn't a typical production with a full crew. Studiobox has proven that a remote shoot can still be a white-glove experience for clients and capture premium content that rivals the best in the business. I would hire them again in a heartbeat." Megan Parlen, Director of Content, MasterClass