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Mailchimp Case study

Mailchimp sent us half way around the world

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February 27, 2023



Trade School, an Atlanta based creative agency, devised a number of large campaigns for Mailchimp to teach and prepare Mailchimp users on the newest and best practices in ecommerce marketing before the Holiday shopping began. They engaged Studiobox on a number of them, but the trickiest was their Masterclass series, filled with experts as far as New Zealand who would each be livestreaming lessons twice a day over two weeks.  After the live stream, this content would then then be edited and live on as ondemand classes. 8 different speakers would do 16 livestreams, often back-to-back.  Production value had to be consistent and of the same high caliber and based on their distributed locations and back-to-back time slots, the shoot needed to be run entirely remotely.  Mailchimp wanted to make sure everyone around the globe had the opportunity to watch these webinars and have the same experience and wanted to make sure the speakers could interact with the live audience. 


Studiobox worked with Trade School to send out enough boxes to enable the livestreams to roll from one to the next.  Boxes were sent to New Zealand, Atlanta, New York, Arizona and New Jersey, often leapfrogging each other to ensure one was prepping while another was filming. Studiobox’s live feed enabled both the directors and producers from Trade School as well as the team at Mailchimp to watch and give feedback on the streams live.  

Metrics & Feedback

Both Mailchimp’s Masterclass Beginner lessons and Advanced Lessons were a success live and have been streamed thousands of times since they aired.  Trade School subsequently hired Studiobox on another remote Mailchimp production called Open House that consisted of an interview series with the CEO and other executives around their Atlanta HQ.

I was looking for a solution to stream multiple speakers for a live webinar and Studiobox delivered in spades. The Studiobox team helped us conquer our logistical challenges and were such a pleasure to work with on this project

Josh Coleman, Content Production Director

Trade School Agency