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Remote Video Production for Conferences | DACOM

15,000 views Livestream the DACOM Digital Asset Summit with Studiobox's remote production solution. Despite last-minute hiccups, the event was a success.

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May 3, 2023

Studiobox was simply critical to the success of our event - Hard to imagine the summit beings as successful without Studiobox's delivery of a smooth live stream experience specifically during a very complex hybrid session.

Chen Arad, COO

Solidus Labs


A New Way to Live Remote Video Streaming

Crypto Compare and Solidus Labs puts on the DACOM Digital Asset Summit every year in New York City, a conference for the Crypto Finance community. This year’s conference was bound to make headlines as the keynote chat was a virtual conversation between the current SEC Chair Gary Gensler and the former SEC Chair Jay Clayton about crypto regulation by the US government. It was the kind of conversation that could move markets in real time. Studiobox was approached to livestream the entire conference as well as send a portable streaming kit to DC so Chair Gensler could ‘call in’ to the conference and be seen projected on stage with Jay Clayton.

Studiobox Solution

We figured out the best way to accomplish both the livestream, the call in and the output to the stage would be to send a primary box to New York to be the A camera on the conference as well as send a B and C camera that could also be plugged in and controlled by the primary box. A second box would be sent to Gensler in DC. The primary box would output the Gensler feed to the projector in the conference room, it would also take in the B and C cameras set up around the conference and then output those cameras as well as the DC feed to the livestream on Youtube. Unfortunately at the last minute, Chair Gensler declined the Studiobox, so we used his direct Zoom feed. Our operator live switched and directed the New York cameras remotely from Los Angeles with the help of an on-the-ground camera operator and an extra hand to que the interstitial cards on the livestream.

Metrics & Feedback

Despite a number of last minute hiccups, like a venue cancelation the day before and the internet down on an entire city block of Manhattan, the conference, the livestream, the call-in and the feed out to the screen all went very well. The livestream and recording have been viewed over 15,000 times and the conversation between the two Chairs was featured in the NYTimes and the Wall St Journal. The producer’s of the event let us know that livestream viewers commented “it was the best livestream they’d ever seen.”

"StudioBox remote video production kit was simply critical to the success of our event - hard to imagine the summit being as successful without StudioBox's delivery of a smooth live stream experience specifically during a very complex hybrid session. DACOM was as high-stakes and high-echelon as events can be, with 15,000 online attendees and 200 very senior executives, journalists and government officials in the room. It was a mission-critical event for us, so when we realized relatively late in the game our VIP keynote speaker would only join his session remotely even though the other speakers were on stage, we were very concerned about the complexity of delivering a smooth hybrid event. Thankfully, we were connected with StudioBox, who completely took charge of the technical and logistical elements, allowing us to focus on all the many other elements of the event. In my experience, no matter the production value, hybrid events are inevitably stressful and prone to glitches, and I cannot imagine going through it without a partner as professional, dynamic, responsive, committed - and honestly just fun to work with - as StudioBox. I Would strongly advise anyone working on an event, specifically with a remote video element, to get in touch with StudioBox - we definitely will for all our future events." - Chen Arad Co-Founder & COO Solidus Labs